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After treatment

After the treatment, the strokes have just been set and are still clearly visible. Persistent microblading 3D hair strokes are always so clearly visible? No, about thirty to forty percent of the color always disappears. In addition, any ink that is on the skin disappears. This makes the permanent makeup less dark and sharp after a week or so than just after the treatment.

Microblading / Ombre powder Brows

incl. 1 post-treatment within 2 months

Ombre powder brows​

Microblading cannot be distinguished from real. Your eyebrows are perfected in a very natural way. In contrast to the shaded eyebrows, the strokes are set manually. Hair for hair will make your eyebrow longer, wider or just a little fuller. Your eyebrow is not completely colored, but a part of your skin remains visible between your hairs. Sometimes a few hairs are enough to achieve the ideal eyebrow. The more natural hair, the better, the more natural the end result.

Ombre is a permanent makeup technique that is relatively new. The Ombre is from dark to light; the base of the eyebrow is in a lighter complexion and is more lightly pigmented than the lower part and the thin end of the eyebrow. It gives a makeup look that is still natural. 

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Benefits of the Eyeliner PMU

The biggest advantage of permanent eyeliner is that it is always present. When you wake up, your eyes are immediately nicely made up and you have a fresh look. Even during sports and swimming, the eyeliner stays where it is. Permanent eyeliner saves a lot of time, because you don't have to apply makeup in the morning and of course because you don't have to remove make-up at the end of the day.

Eyelids and eyelashes let the eyes speak. With permanent make-up, the appearance and appearance of the eyes can be changed and, of course, beautified with the help of different color combinations. The eyeliners are pigmented between the eyelashes. It gives a natural and full look.

In this way, eyes that are too large or too small can be visually brought into the correct proportion to the total face. Always beautiful eyes, without having to worry about smeared make-up. With an advanced eyeliner you get a fuller / thicker upper eyeliner and with a smudge eyeliner the top is shadowed.

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Benefits of the Lipshading:

With the pigmentation of the lips with the help of permanent make-up it is very important to have the right knowledge and experience regarding the skin around the lips.

For example, a lip pigmentation treatment goes beautifully with a Powder Brow or Combi brow treatment.

The lip contours are tightened and the lips get a beautiful natural vibrant color.

More and more women are discovering that lips appear fuller and tighter by applying lipstick. Technique and knowledge of colors also play an important role in this.

Over the years, women and men often lose the contour of the lips and the color of the lips can become pale, gray and/or sallow. By using ultra-fine needles and pigment colors that color nicely with the natural lip colors, we can now create the most beautiful lips.

All imperfections regarding the contours, shape and color of the lips can be corrected with the help of these pigmentation techniques.

Eyeliner PMU

Microblading / Ombre


Camuflage donkere kringen

Camuflage Striae/Striemen

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Cause of dark circles

sleep deprivation
computer use
Lifestyle (Alcohol, smoking)
Sun exposure

You may be getting eight hours of sleep, eating right, exercising, but still have dark circles. Dark circles can be very frustrating and there are quite a few different and surprising factors that come into play.

Dark circles under your eyes are actually blood vessels that you can see through your skin. The skin around the eyelids is the thinnest skin on your body. Dark circles are one of the first signs that we feel exhausted or that we are not getting enough of the essential things we need.

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What can you expect?

During the intake interview I will assess whether you qualify for stretch mark camouflage.

The camouflage of stretch marks, stretch marks is an extremely delicate and precise work. Result is not immediate. 2-3 treatments are required with an interval of 60-90 days. The treatment requires several sessions, depending on the evolution after the tattoo. The purpose of this medical tattoo is to make the stretch marks less noticeable. This happens with skin pigments. The color is accurately made to camouflage the stretch marks as best as possible. Skin camouflage uses a rotating needle pencil with a pattern.

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