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How do you handle henna brows?

Do not come into contact with water for 24-48 hours after the treatment. It varies per person how long the henna stays on the skin, this depends on your skin and how many hairs you have (the more hair or the fuller the eyebrow, the longer the henna stays). Avoid everything around the eyebrows, think: no oil, no water, no creams and no cleaning around the eyebrows. If you do this, the henna will wear out of the skin faster. In general.

Please remember 

Different colors available: light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black. Henna eyebrows are different from just dyeing because you are not only dyeing the hair, but also the skin. This makes the eyebrows look fuller and you do not have to work with a pencil or powder after a week.

the henna stays on the skin for about 2 weeks and on the hair for 5-6 weeks. Compared to normal eyebrow dye, henna stays in the hair much longer.

DSV Line collageen draden 

Advantages of Russian Volume technology

  • Can still give a very natural look, but also an extra full look, so you can go in many directions with it!

  • Very nice technique for those who have too few hairs for one-by-one

  • Eliminates the need for mascara, eyelash paint or curling iron

  • Stay in place longer on average than the One-by-One technique

  • Resistant to water, tears, sauna, sun & sea

  • Extremely soft quality and light hairs.

  • Give a glamorous look


It is also very important to keep the eyelashes clean 1/2 time a week with a special lash foam. This is necessary because you lose a lot of dander and these will accumulate between the eyelashes, if you do not remove this your eyelashes will become very oily and brittle, resulting in rapid loss and damage to your own eyelashes. 


This can eventually cause you to stop taking eyelash extensions. Of course you want to prevent that! So good aftercare for the extensions is extremely important! The lashfoam is available in the  salon for only 29.95 (50ml) including the brush.

* After 4 weeks the price of a new set will be calculated

With the one by one technique, one extension is placed on one natural eyelash. This involves looking closely at the carrying capacity of one's own natural eyelashes, so that one's own eyelashes hardly damage. The extensions are attached to your own eyelashes with a special, non-harmful glue.


Estefania's specialization is a beautiful, full mascara look, which makes your mascara really unnecessary! But you've also come to the right place for natural sets. We discuss your wishes and needs at the appointment itself, so that we can achieve a beautiful end result together.

The eyelash cycle lasts about 2 to 4 weeks. Therefore, it is necessary to refill the eyelash extensions every 2-4 weeks. Depending on how fast your cycle goes and other factors (oily skin, belly sleeper, medication, few eyelashes / short eyelashes of yourself).

Do you want beautiful, full and long eyelashes? Then eyelash extensions One by One are the solution!


Volume eyelashes are also called 3-5D eyelashes. In this technique, ultra-thin eyelashes are used. On a hair of your own, a bunch of 3.4 or 5 hairs is placed! This allows volume to be built up without causing damage to your own eyelashes!


This gives a completely different look than the One-by-One technique, which is really ideal when you do not have so many eyelashes of yourself or when you want to have an extra full effect.


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DSV Line collageen draden 

For the best results:

We recommend that you also have the lashes dyed. This will make your lashes look even fuller and more intense. This makes not only eyelash curlers, but also mascaras superfluous. The result of the Lash Lift remains visible for about 6 weeks. After this, the curl will drop out of the lashes again. Because Lash Lifting is not harmful to your own lashes, you can simply repeat the treatment after 6 weeks.

The Lash Volume Lift is a treatment in which we lift the natural lashes and give them more volume. During the Lash Lift, your own lashes are “lifted” from the root against a soft, silicone mold with a special cream that makes the new shape in the lashes permanent. After lifting, we also apply a volumizer cream and a nourishing oil to the eyelashes. The result is long, full, curled and healthy lashes. There is also the choice to have the eyelashes curled with special clips.

For the best results:

Remains visible for 6-8 weeks

Is visible immediately after treatment

No more eyelash curlers needed

No further maintenance required

No extensions

Lash Lifting 

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