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Benefits of Glycolic Acid

Studies also show that glycolic acid significantly increases your skin's hydration. How? The ingredient helps your skin to produce mucopolysaccharides. These are substances that help keep your skin hydrated by increasing the natural level of hyaluronic acid, which at the same time improves your skin's resilience.

 An exfoliant with glycolic acid for the body gives you a clear and more even complexion. Like all AHAs, glycolic acid works by helping to break down weakened cells on the skin's surface.
This form of exfoliation addresses various skin problems such as sun damage, uneven skin tone, rough, flaky skin patches.

DSV Line collageen draden 

Keep in mind that

The better a laser treatment is tailored to your personal skin type and hair type, the safer and more effective the treatment. The success behind the combination of these two wavelengths is the comprehensive effect. While the "gold standard" Diode technique is especially effective on stiff, thick and dark hair, the Alexandrite laser uses extra power on fine and lightly pigmented red and blonde hair. In this way, all different hair types are tackled in 1 go per session.

Please remember 

High-tech developers in the field of permanent hair removal have managed to integrate the powerful Alexandrite laser into the “gold standard” Diode laser. The diode laser is good news for people with unwanted hair on fair skin! This ingenious 2-in-1 laser tackles thin, coarse, lightly pigmented and dark hair in the same treatment. Fast, safe and effective.

to consult your doctor before applying the treatment

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Why After lipomassage?

- It reduces swelling

- It improves your body contours

- It reduces the pain and bruising

- It reduces the hard lumps

- It stimulates the drainage of excess moisture

Maderotherapy is recommended for:

  • Relaxing body and mind

  • Stimulating the lymphatic system

  • Eliminating toxins

  • Speeding up metabolism

  • Breaking cellulite

  • Fat burning

  • Improve skin tone

  • Contour improvement




After lipomassage or post-operative massages are highly recommended after surgery.

Lymphatic drainage and ultrasound equipment are used during the treatment.

- The lymphatic drainage treatment is performed using the Pascaud contour equipment.

- Subsequently, the subcutaneous tissue is regenerated by means of radio frequency, circulation improves and collagen is stimulated so that the skin is made strong. Moisture is also drained and inflammation is prevented.

- After the fluid has been drained, we use maderotherapy. This ensures that your body is shaped correctly by removing toxins and breaking down fat cells.

Maderotherapy is an alternative to regular massages for people with cellulite. The advantage of specially shaped wooden elements is the intense pressure on cellulite and the removal of fat deposits along with other toxins. The technique of such a massage consists in repeating various wooden elements. Applying these elements to the muscles,
Fat deposits and cellulite stimulate the body's lymphatic system to dissolve accumulated toxins. This release of toxins promotes metabolism to fat burning and pockets of persistent cellulite are also broken down, the swelling of the skin decreases and an 'orange peel' can be aligned.




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The newest treatment in the field of fungal nails is the laser treatment with the Nd:YAG laser.

During the treatment, the laser light destroys the fungi without damaging the nail, nail bed or surrounding skin. The laser only heats the nail, destroying the fungi. This heat is palpable but well tolerated.
The affected part of the nail grows out and gives way to a healthy nail.

A fungal nail is a nail that is affected by a fungal infection. This is also called lime nail. Fungal nails discolor, become thicker and brittle and in some cases interfere with daily activities.

The infection can be caused by:

- Fungal infection of the feet (acquired  during sports, swimming or in the sauna);

- Warm and humid climate;

damage to the nail;

- Poor circulation in the feet.

To ensure that the eyelash extensions suit you, I think it is important to look at your wishes together. This gives you the opportunity to go for a natural look, but you can also unpack with eyelash extensions for a special occasion.

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Benefits of the Elektrostimulatie:

Multiple zones can be treated in 1 treatment (e.g. abdomen, buttocks and legs)


What stimulates the muscle stimulation for the body: Causing deep muscle contractions, strengthens the weak muscles, improves their tone.

Reduces and eliminates cellulite.

It gives a nice shape to weak buttocks and thighs.

In order to control the process of losing weight, it is especially possible to work in the areas where the need is greatest.

belly, waist, thighs, Hips, seat, chestarms, shoulders, sight

No time to exercise?


Then muscle stimulation is for you. Using pads on the skin, the device sends signals to the muscles causing them to contract. You can compare these contractions with intensive sports, but it takes no effort. Suitable for cellulite, muscle strengthening and figure correction.

Which zones are treated: 

After lipomassage & Maderotherapie 

Glicolic peeling



Alexandrite Diode Laser 2 in 1

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Does waxing hurt?

Waxing is generally not really painful. Depilation of legs, arms, face and back in particular is not experienced as painful. There are some sensitive areas on the body that may be experienced as painful. Think of the armpits, bikini line and Brazilian wax.

Every day we offer our customers waxing treatments on different body parts. Whether it concerns the removal of hair from the legs, armpits, pubic area, arms, back or face, you can always go for it at Estefania Beauty Salon. Our package also includes the favorite Brazilian Wax. Thanks to the Brazilian Wax you can now also have the intimate parts waxed. The salon has years of experience with the Brazilian wax treatment.


All our treatments are performed by an experienced beautician.
Our method is extremely hygienic. Every part of the body is disinfected beforehand.


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Benefits of the Pascaud Contour

Skin tightening
Reducing outlines and local fat deposits
Improve cellulite (P.O.F.S > Panniculosis, Edema, Fibrous, Sclerotic)
Edema reduction

De Pascaud Contour combines 4 high-tech technologies in 1 kop: 

Contouring, skin tightening, circumference reduction, cellulite and edema improvement. It is a must for anyone who wants a non-surgical alternative to the above indications. The treatments can boost self-confidence and improve self-image.

Radiofrequentie, Led, Vacussage,  Softlaser

Pascaud Contour

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